About Us

Four years ago, Ruwaida and Khaled made the devastating decision to leave Syria for the safety of their children. They left behind a beautiful home, a successful business, and beloved family, fleeing Syria with whatever small pieces of their life they could carry. Ruwaida made sure to take her cookie mold — the one her grandmother and mother used to teach her how to bake mamool, traditional Syrian cookies. After a long wait, Ruwaida began using her treasured mold to bake cookies for her new friends and neighbors when the family finally found safety in America.

Anytime the family had visitors, they put out a plate of cookies and served cardamom—spiced coffee to show gratitude, even as they struggled to make their own food last. It was the family’s way of expressing their gratitude to the welcoming community of Atlanta, GA.

Now, with the support of that community firmly behind them, Ruwaida and Khaled are taking the leap from grateful hosts to entrepreneurs, sharing the richness and beauty of their culture through their cuisine.

How you can help

Ruwaida and Khaled have been many things — parents, refugees, and newcomers to a land far from home. Now, newly settled in Atlanta, GA, they’re poised to become something else: entrepreneurs. With the birth of their business, they have the chance to fulfill their American dreams. Visit our crowdfunding page and find out how you can make an investment in the future of Sweet, Sweet Syria today.

Help Others

The following Georgia-based organizations help refugees like Ruwaida and Khaled who have been displaced from their homes. They come seeking safety for their families and are appreciative of the support they receive from these partner organizations.