coffee and cookies

you will get a coffee box and a 1 dozen of cookies

the coffee box (al ameed): medium with cardamon, a smooth and balanced Turkish coffee blend made from a medium roast mix, with added cardamom.

the box of cookies: Two each of our six sweet, sweet cookie varieties. Chocolate Bettefor (a dark cocoa sandwich cookie with a strawberry jam filling), Bettefor (a buttery sandwich cookie with a strawberry jam filling) Please note that the Bettefor cookies available right now are not adorned with pistachio or pistachio “dust,” as photographedSimismee (a cigar-shaped date-filled butter cookie rolled in sesame seeds), Coconut Mamool (delicate butter cookie with a coconut and orange blossom water center), Pistachio Mamool(delicate butter cookie with a pistachio and orange blossom water center, bejeweled with a pistachio half), and Date Mamool (an oblong delicate butter cookie with a date center).

and you can have it as a present too!

$20.00 + tax