Coffee Box

Are you a coffee lover? 

Would you like to try a new little Sweet Sweet Syria coffee box that you would love to try and have fun making in your own

Try the Sweet Sweet Syria Coffee Box 

You will get a coffee pot, arabic coffee, a coffee cup and the little plate under it and the Two each of our six sweet, sweet cookie varieties. Chocolate Bettefor (a dark cocoa sandwich cookie with a strawberry jam filling), Bettefor (a buttery sandwich cookie with a strawberry jam filling) Please note that the Bettefor cookies available right now are not adorned with pistachio or pistachio “dust,” as photographedSimismee (a cigar-shaped date-filled butter cookie rolled in sesame seeds), Coconut Mamool (delicate butter cookie with a coconut and orange blossom water center), Pistachio Mamool(delicate butter cookie with a pistachio and orange blossom water center, bejeweled with a pistachio half), and Date Mamool (an oblong delicate butter cookie with a date center).

 to enjoy the coffee you will make, with instructions (will be included in the website if you lost it and in the box you will buy to make the coffee)

The coffee is A bright and mild Turkish coffee blend, made from a light roast mix with added cardamom, that come from jordan.

A dallah (Arabic: دلة‎) is a traditional Arabic coffee pot used for centuries to brew and serve Qahwa (gahwa), an Arabic coffee or Gulf coffee made through a multi-step ritual

$60.00 + tax