Mini Christmas Gift Box

Christmas gift

Give your best friends, a family member، you kids a Christmas gift from sweet sweet syria!

A mix of baklava, and decorated bettfore 

Special dozen of mix Beclava: A 6 piece of the Baklava a rich, sweet dessert pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped pistachio/cashew that you will absolutely love!

And lastly special decorated bettfore  a dozen of 9 sweet handmade syrian cookies.

6 chocolate bettefor , (a dark cocoa sandwich cookie with a strawberry jam filling.)

6 pieces vanilla Bettefor ( a buttery sandwich cookie with a strawberry jam filling)

And topped with icing and different kinds of sparkles!


We will deliver your Christmas gift to your house if you live in Decatur, Avondale, tucker, atlnata and around 


$30.00 + tax