Tea Box

Are you a tea lover?

would you like to try new beverage?

Enjoy making your tea by yourself at home enjoying a col/warm weather with your hot handmade tea

we will have everything set for you you just need to follow the steps and enjoy it with your family and friends!

the Rabea Express tea blend guarantees you a flavor of a smooth surgery tea taste

if you order the tea box you will have:

  • tea box (that have 100 tea bags)
  • traditional Syrian tea pot
  • a cub and a little plate for the tea!
  • the instruction
  • Two each of our six sweet, sweet cookie varieties. Chocolate Bettefor (a dark cocoa sandwich cookie with a strawberry jam filling), Bettefor (a buttery sandwich cookie with a strawberry jam filling) Please note that the Bettefor cookies available right now are not adorned with pistachio or pistachio “dust,” as photographedSimismee (a cigar-shaped date-filled butter cookie rolled in sesame seeds), Coconut Mamool (delicate butter cookie with a coconut and orange blossom water center), Pistachio Mamool(delicate butter cookie with a pistachio and orange blossom water center, bejeweled with a pistachio half), and Date Mamool (an oblong delicate butter cookie with a date center).

you can have it as a present for someone too!

$65.00 + tax