Our Signature Cookies

Sweet, Sweet Syria invites people to experience Syrian culture through cuisine with hand—molded traditional baked goods.

Our Journey

In July 2016, Khaled, Ruwaida and their two children were Syrian refugees resettling in Atlanta. Less than a year later, with a single family heirloom, they launched Sweet, Sweet Syria.

When they fled Syria, the family took whatever small pieces of their life they could carry. Ruwaida made sure to take her cookie mold — the one her grandmother and mother used to teach her how to bake mamool, traditional Syrian cookies. Now, the entrepreneurial husband and wife duo is embracing the opportunities life in America offers and starting a business with the carved piece of wood that has seen them through births, deaths, celebrations, and war. Through traditional Syrian baked goods, they hope to share a side of Syria that most Americans won’t get to experience — one that is warm, generous, and so very sweet.

How you can help

Ruwaida and Khaled have been many things — parents, refugees, and newcomers to a land far from home. Now, newly settled in Atlanta, GA, they’re poised to become something else: entrepreneurs. With the birth of their business, they have the chance to fulfill their American dreams. Visit our crowdfunding page and find out how you can make an investment in the future of Sweet, Sweet Syria today.


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